Crossout ® The multi-player crossword solving game!
WebSite access available now by annual subscription.
Lots of graded puzzles available from Junior Primary to Secondary.
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What is Crossout ® ?
In this first release, Crossout ® is primarily a literacy aid and vocabulary and spelling enhancer.
As a by-product of playing a fun, competitive game, students will learn word usage, spelling and lots
of interesting information. Unlike traditional crossword puzzles, a special aspect of Crossout ® means
it is impossible for players to become stuck. In trying to find the most appropriate answer for a clue,
students become more aware of the nuances of the English Language and are consequently steered
towards a more advanced use of the language.
Crossout Pty Ltd, an Australian company, holds Australian Patent No 746678, UK Patent No GB2341106 & US Patent No 6,378,867 for this game
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